The second book from Shalom Yehuda Press. I had been
thinking of doing a John Cage story for some time as I often listen to the tape of Indeterminacy while I work. After meeting Gary Goldstein and seeing his work I proposed to him that I give him a book containing very little text for him to draw around. We agreed on a story and I set it by chance operations. The story was divided up into phrases, and the position of each phrase on the page was chosen by spinning a roulette wheel. The numbers obtained represented the number of Ciceros (Picas) each word was from the head of the page and from the margin. Once the book was printed, Gary drew around a proof copy and blocks were made and the drawings printed. The books were bound temporarily, and Gary hand-colored each copy. Then the final binding was done. I had written to John Cage to get permission to use the story, and he wrote that he considered it public domain. I then asked his permission to use his name, and he agreed, and approved of the proofs that I sent him. He passed away before I could give him his copy.