This was my first miniature book. I had some offcuts of handmade paper from Tut Niar in Zichron Ya’akov and I put them aside for a project. The following day my friend Victor Navon brought me some used type that he had found in a print shop downtown. There was a set of tiny Frank-Ruehl that I also put aside for a project. Soon afterward I received a postcard from the Guild of Bookworkers announcing an international exhibition of miniature books. I took the hint.The text for ‘Am I Now?’ I took from the John Cage album ‘Indeterminacy’, which I translated into Hebrew. I made up some images and copied them in various sizes, then transferred them to linoleum and cut them by hand. I printed them randomly onto both sides of the paper offcuts using different colors for each side. I then added the words, the English text from the left and the Hebrew from the right, crossing over in the center. A folding colophon was added at each end since there was not enough room for it on one page.One copy received a fine leather binding that won first prize in the Miniature Book Society competition that year.