This was my second project with artist Gary Goldstein. The text is the English poems of Arturo Shwartz, hand set in 14 pt. Bembo, the spaces between the stanzas being chosen by chance operations. Gary introduced me to Arturo when he was here documenting his library of Dada and Surrealist material that he donated to the Israel Museum. I bluffed my way into the meeting, hoping to get some information about my favorite artist Remedios Varo, and discovered that my friends Suzanna Walde and Ludwig Zeller of Toronto illustrated one of the books, written by Remedios’ first husband Benjamin Peret. Arturo also knew Suzanna and Ludwig. After the meeting I was speaking with Arturo and he noticed that I was wearing the green star – the symbol of Esperanto – and he spoke to me in Esperanto.

Later Gary showed Arturo the book was had done together and we decided to do a joint project. It took two years to complete.