I think this was my fifth SoB conference and it was a very special event. First of all I was doing a presentation about the K118 binding structure, and this was the first time I had given a presentation. I was very nervous – couldn’t sleep the night before or eat on the day – but once it started and I saw all those friendly faces before me, I calmed down and it went very well. At least I had a lot of very positive comments both afterward and during the rest of the conference. I had agreat time hanging out with old friends and met some wonderful new ones. I was asked to write up the presentation for the journal, but someone beat me to it (bless her heart!) and wrote a detailed description of my presentation which will appear in the next issue of The Bookbinder. Hopefully it will someday make it onto the web and I won’t have to write that up either!

If you have never been to a bookbinding conference, I urge you to make the effort and come to a SoB conference. The people are lovely, the organization is tops, the places are always wonderful and I’ll buy you a drink.

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