To Birmingham

The third highlight. After Wigan I visited my friend Simon Prais in Birmingham. When Simon visited me last year, his daughter Ronit came along and asked me, if she wrote a book, would I bind it. I agreed of course. This year they came again, and Ronit brought three copies of her book for me to bind, which I did.
When Simon heard that I was going to the SoB conference at Warwick University, he kindly invited me to visit him in Birmingham to see some of the wonderful samples of Hebrew printing that he has. I had a chance to see Ronit again and to meet the rest of his family and I spent a very pleasant evening with them. However, when it was time to retire, I found the most lovely ‘Thank You’ card next to my bed. It has a photo of Ronit holding one of my bindings of her book and a sweet message inside, complete with drawings of Ronit and her friends admiring my work.
The next morning Simon drove me over to the University and left me with the bookbinders.

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