A Binding Problem

img_16003img_16011img_16021img_16031img_16041I got a five-volume set to bind and had to make one slipcase for all five. They were the same height but not the same width or thickness, and the client wanted to be able to take them from the slipcase easily without damaging the top of the spine. He suggested a flap at the top, but I didn’t think that would work, so I made a case with five separate compartments and a gap on the foreedge but that didn’t work either.
I finally came up with this idea, which worked and which the client really liked. I made a platform that fit into the bottom of the slipcase and attached small blocks at the end to stop each book at the proper distance from the foreedge. There is a tab at the front of the platform to pull it out, bringing all the five volumes with it.
Does anyone have a better idea? I’d like to hear it.
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