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Our first cruise

We just got back a few days ago from our first ever cruise. It was with an AACI (Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel) group and we went to Rhodes and Crete. The on-land visits were a bit short but enjoyable none the less. We had been to Rhodes before so it was sort of fun to be back again. They arranged a special visit to the synagogue for us. They had done some renovations since we were there before and the museum was greatly improved. The people there were quite excited that we actually had a quorum for prayers (which they don’t) and were able to pray the afternoon and evening services.
We really liked Crete and are hoping to return there for a longer visit. It is extremely beautiful. Our tour was to an island that was in inhabited for 700 years and then became a leper colony for 50 years. The whole story was very interesting. Google Spinalonga.
Of course most of the time we were on the boat, sorry ship. There were about 600 passengers and 300 crew. It took me a few hours to get used to the motion of the ship, especially on the 8th deck where we had prayers. There were a couple of pools one of which Maurene took advantage of. She was expecting to spend the entire voyage on a deck chair in the shade, but there weren’t that many deck chairs and not all that much shade. There seemed to be something happening all the time – lectures, meals, entertainment, etc. The food was bountiful and tasty, although there could have been more protein for us vegans. The entertainment was of the Los Vegas variety – not entirely to my taste but I sat through it for Maurene’s sake and didn’t regret it.
One highlight for me was a private visit to the bridge to see the working of the ship.
The most important thing about the trip was that it was VERY relaxing. No phones, no e-mail, just following the schedule and then being rocked to sleep at night. I was a bit dubious at first but went along for Maurene’s sake and then enjoyed it immensely. I would be happy to cruise again. 2012-09-02-1255272012-09-04-153152

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